This Presidential Election has awoken more interest and commitment by Americans than ever before: while we did not win this election, it has renewed the passion of Democrats and others everywhere to protect this great Democracy of ours. Much is as stake and there are many ways we can fight to preserve our freedom. Some ideas? First, register to vote, learn how you can help others register to vote; help candidates for office; run for office yourself; go to your city/town and state meetings; get involved in causes you care about - the environment, health care, social services, education; write letters; make calls; track legislation and attend hearings at city/state and federal levels.

We have caucuses organizing to get involved: join us! Feb. 7 at 6:30 pm our Women's Caucus at the RIDP Hqs meet - dozens of women from across the state have called or visited our office to get involved - you can too! And as many men have called us looking for ways to get involved...and we need everyone to rebuild our Party from the ground up. Be part of this important work.

More questions? Call us at 401.272.3367.